When I get to the Senate, I will bring the experience of city lawmaking to the state level and work on the key issues that impact our quality of life today and in the future.


I will be a champion for appropriately funding public education to reverse the trend of learning loss resulting from the pandemic, keep teachers in the profession, and meet the mandate of funding low wealth schools under the Leandro decision. Our children are our future, and I am committed to offering the next generation greater opportunities than past generations have had.​


Access to reproductive healthcare is a critical right that we cannot allow to be stripped away. We know that some in North Carolina want to outlaw abortion and mandate what happens to others' bodies. I am committed to defending reproductive rights and will firmly oppose new limitations on bodily autonomy.


As a renewable energy and utility attorney, I will bring expertise to the existential crisis of climate change. I will support the integration of clean energy generation to reduce and eliminate carbon emissions and reverse the trends of global warming and harm to our environment. Bringing my city lawmaking experience to the General Assembly, I will support at the state level the kind of investments that Raleigh has made to make our communities more resilient to the impacts of climate change.


Every person deserves access to quality affordable health care, but our State has failed to meet this basic need. From parents of young children to our senior citizens, we are all suffering from lack of access, transparency, and affordability. By expanding Medicaid, we could immediately deliver on this promise for 600,000 North Carolinians. Through other reforms, we can reduce costs and improve service. I am committed to making health care a basic human right for every person regardless of age and wealth.


As a member of the Raleigh City Council, I have been proud to support our first responders who put their lives on the line to keep our community safe, while ensuring that our police are accountable to us, the people that they serve. This work is not complete, and I will continue this effort on the state level. We must give our first responders the resources that they need, equip cities for responsible oversight of policing, and work to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. I am committed to ending the epidemic of gun violence in our state.


Our aging infrastructure threatens our future quality of life. We need action from our state government to protect our natural resources, ensure that we have access to clean water, and facilitate efficient transit and transportation. The lack of access to affordable high-speed internet is shutting out members of our community from participation in the 21st century economy. This reality exists in both our rural communities and in our urban neighborhoods. We need to expand affordable high-speed internet for our kids to learn and our small businesses to thrive.


Every person needs a safe and affordable home to have an opportunity to succeed. The challenge of achieving this vision requires meaningful solutions at the state level: significant public investments, expansion of the affordable housing tax credits, and changes to how cities manage growth. Our state needs bold leadership on housing affordability: I am committed to ending homelessness in our communities.